Versus Valerie follows Valerie Lapomme, YouTube's Sexy Nerd Girl, as she navigates her chaotic life, sliding between reality and her video-game and genre-bending imagination.

Season 1 of VsV consists of 12 episodes, each taking a referential cue from a specific element of nerd-dom - Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, and many more.

The seeds of Versus Valerie were planted in late 2010 when Hannah, Adam, Steph, Simon and Mike first started producing fictional video blogs under the Sexy Nerd Girl banner. At the heart of the show is Valerie's attitude towards the world. She is honest, empathic and playful. Her single overriding principle is that you never need to be ashamed to express who you are. Her only weapon is nerd-fu - the ability to take all the negativity she is given and turn it into something positive.

Designed to be a purely transmedia web show, Sexy Nerd Girl relies heavily on audience interaction through social media and the improvisational interplay of its two co-stars, Hannah Spear and Adam Christie, to create a unique product that is at once fictional and real. Numerous SNG viewers have appeared in our story world; one even offered Valerie a job, which was then rolled into her story line.

More than two years later, Sexy Nerd Girl has a legion of thousands who view her videos every week, who interact with her via social media, and who share her messages with their friends. Our goal over these years has always been to build our story world with our audience so that when we did eventually release a full-fledged narrative web series, it would be richer for the journey.

That journey is now in its next stage. Versus Valerie takes you into the world we've made together.

Simon Fraser, March 2013
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