Valerie Lapomme is a vivacious and supremely confident 25-year-old woman, who lives in a world of comics, sci-fi & fantasy, computers, video games, and other pursuits of nerdy leisure.

Val currently resides in Toronto, and works two part-time jobs, at a call center and a used book store. She also vlogs on YouTube under the name Sexy Nerd Girl.


Val's best friend since high school, Guy is a cynical, sardonic misanthrope who is proudly fluent in several web programming languages. He loves movie marathons, gaming, and hanging out with Val.

Guy is currently a self-employed webmaster and regular participant in Valerie's online video escapades. Guy is always right, about everything.


Val's mother was a fashion model in the 1980s. After having Val, she was forced to give up her modeling career. A devoted but overbearing mother, she doesn't understand her daughter, nor does she try.

She currently works as an executive shopper, buying merchandise for upscale clothing stores.


The Doctor is the perfect man - dashing, handsome, smart, funny and understanding. He seems like he's got it all figured out what with being a successful doctor and philanthropist. In many ways, he's exactly what Val always dreamed of having in a boyfriend.

But because of their age and personality differences they might not be on the same page.


Kat is a co-host of the video game talk show 3killabytes.

She has a dry, sarcastic wit, and a competitive spirit that gets stifled when she dates the uninterested Guy.


Darcy is Val's closest female friend. She can be a bit dippy but she's a loyal pal who is open-minded and emotionally mature.

Darcy has always been there to help Val relax, to reason with her, to talk about love, and to encourage Val to have a healthier lifestyle.


Lyra works in a comic book shop frequented by Val and Guy. Guy has been fawning over her for some time now.


Craig is a nice guy that Val picked up the night before she was meant to meet Guy for their regular Wednesday brunch. Their night together caused Val to be late for her meeting.


Garth is a plastic surgeon who keeps Mother looking her best. He seems like he's got it going on but it could just be a facade.


The waiter would love his job were it not for all the jerk customers. The only highlight is when he has customers who are as pleasant and friendly as Val.


Randy is Val's boss at Birk Customer Relations. He is a power-tripping middle manager, with questionable people skills.


Brent is Val's simple and emotionless co-worker at Birk Customer Relations.


Jay and Mike are Kat's two co-hosts on the video game talk show 3killabytes. They are sarcastic, crude, and a lot of fun to be around. Val dated Jay for a short time.


Karaoke Manager is a overworked, lonely man who just wants a friend and a little respect. Unfortunately no one appreciates him. Not even his singing skills.


Richard is Mother's current boyfriend. He's a successful business man with a good chunk of change who isn't ashamed to tell Val what to do. He also loves Mother's frontal "attributes".
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